Writing Music on the Road

I find writing music on the road to be difficult. This time I was lucky to have access to a beautiful chapel. So here is a suite of Six Meditations for Lent:

Writing music on the road

On the road, I have my mind of a lot of things: preparing for concert, finding out where to go, what, where and when to eat, getting enough sleep and so on. I think about music, a lot. But when travelling it is hard to find the space and quitness I need. Last week I had some really busy days in Hungary and Germany. As I was leaving for home, I discovered I had 1) an hour before I had to leave, and 2) access to a beautiful chapell. I didn’t have any recording equipment with me, just my phone. I began improvising. And when I was finished i discovered I had material for a little suite.

Improvisation is an integral part of my compositional process, and the material I present here is raw material for what might turn into something else in the future.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these meditations as they are. Fresh from body and soul


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