Welcome to my new website. Front image

Welcome to my new website!

Oh yes – finally! Welcome to my new website! Well, it is not totally new, but thoroughly revamped. I have had my own homepage for over 20 years. This latest edition is overhauled to make it easier for you to access my music. On this site you can find out more about me, my music and projects. I will keep… Read more →

In the beginning blues by Carl Petter Opsahl

In the Beginning Blues – International Jazz Day

Here is In the Beginning Blues – in celebration of International Jazz Day April 30: International Jazz Day International Jazz Day is celebrated globally April 30 every year. It was initiated by UNESCO in 2011. And celebrated for the first time 2012. Jazz pianist, composer and educator Herbie Hancock serves as an UNESCO ambassador and fronts the day. The international… Read more →

Oppstandelsesleiken. Titke page for the music video

Oppstandelsesleiken – Music for Easter

Watch the video premiére of Oppstandelsesleiken (Nature Rising)! With me are two outstanding musicians, Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir on guitar and Ellen Brekken on bass: Oppstandelsesleiken Yes, “Oppstandelsesleiken” is a norwegian title, and it does not quite translate into english. The first part, oppstandelse, refers to the resurrection. The second part, leik, literally means “play”. But in the musical tradition of… Read more →

Writing Music on the Road: Six Meditations for Lent

Writing Music on the Road

I find writing music on the road to be difficult. This time I was lucky to have access to a beautiful chapel. So here is a suite of Six Meditations for Lent: Writing music on the road On the road, I have my mind of a lot of things: preparing for concert, finding out where to go, what, where and… Read more →

meditation for Ash Wednesday by Carl Petter Opsahl (photo

Meditation for Ash Wednesday – New composition!

Meditation for Ash Wednesday is my newest piece for solo bass clarinet. You can listen to it here: Lent Today it is Ash Wednesday – the beginning of Lent. Lent is a period of fasting before the Christian celebration of Easter. For many people, the idea of Lent and to fast is to give up something. “What are you giving… Read more →

album cover, Carl Petter Opsahl Kyrkja

New album out!

Oh yes! I have a new album out. I recently released my sixth solo album, “Kyrkja”. And it has already garned a lot of attention internationally. Europe Jazz Network has just named it as one of the hottest album out right now! And I am in a very good company, together with Xhosa Cole, Bill Frisell, Anders Jormin and Keith… Read more →

Cry from Tigray

I wrote the song Cry from Tigray in solidarity with the people of Tigray, living under unbelievable cruel conditions. War, famine and drought has revealed this area for a long time. The Tigray conflict. A short introduction by Hyman Rights Watch A special thanks to Knut Aastad Bråten who lent me his langeleik (dulcimer). Read more →

A Prayer for Ukraine

A Prayer for Ukraine

A prayer for Ukraine was written immediately after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is a wordless prayer, In this version I am joined by Johannes Aanderaa Opsahl on piano. Read more →