solo projects

Solo concerts – I just love to play solo concerts!

You are not alone, but in an organic interplay with your instrument, the space and your audience. It is a very flexible format, you can tune easily in to the very moment and response to whats happening.

Solo, I mostly play bass-clarinet. That instrument has such a wide range! I have specialized in norwegian traditional music, studyoing with among others master fiddle player Aslak O. Brimi. For many years, I have worked on transferring fiddle tunes and vocal repertoire to bass clarinet. Also, I improvise over scales and rhythms heard in music from Gudbrandsdalen. Here is a taste of the traditional repertoire, recorded together with accordeonist Jo Asgeir Lie.

Over 40 years of playing jazz has provided me with a wast repertoire of standards, and many beautiful tunes I love to perform solo. Also, spontaneous improvisation, getting inspired by the room and the audience open up for unexpected sonic experiences.

Here is a spontaneous improvisation, dedicated to activist Sumaya Jirde Ali:

I can tailor my programme to each event, making a unique performance personalized for your event. If you have any questions or want to book me for your event, you may contact me here

I hope to play for you soon!

photo: Ann Iren Ødeby